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About Scientific and Practical Centre
of The State Forensic Examination Committee of The Republic of Belarus.

Object of Centre's activity is scientific and practical activities as well as other activities in the field of criminalistic and forensic examinations which are performing in accordance with legislation.

Centre's objectives are:
  • solution of scientific-and-technical problems in the field of forensic examinations and criminalistics;
  • arranging and performing of scientific, analytical, methodological and information support for courts and law enforcements of the Republic of Belarus;
  • dissemination of scientific information on currently important issues of criminalistics, forensic examination and allied sciences;
  • scientific-and-methodical and informational support for fornsic examination activities in the Republic of Belarus;
  • arranging and performing forensic examinations in accordance with statutory goals;
  • effective use and development scientific-and-technical potential and material-and-technical resources of the Centre.

Centre's activities are:

  • research and development work, research and methodological work, consulting and other activities corresponding to object and objectives of the Center's activities, which include activities performing under agreements with legal entities, private persons, self-employed persons;
  • development of advanced methods, techniques and technical facilities for forensic examinations;
  • development of scientifically-based best practices for criminal investigation;
  • development of criminalistic methods for discovering crimes for control and supervision agencies;
  • development of criminalistics facilities and methods for public prosecution;
  • implementation of advanced information technologies and automated management systems for forensic examinations and scientific research, law enforcement's and court's activities;
  • international cooperation;
  • informational support for forensic examinations of different kind;
  • making suggestion for state agencies aimed at elimination of causes and factors of violations of law;
  • scientific-and-methodological and informational support for forensic examiners, criminal investigators,public prosecutors, judges on issues of forensic examination activities;
  • development of forensic recordings, collections, databases for activities of SCFE, law enforcements and courts;
  • education (practical training) of forensic examiners on types of examinations within the competence which is set up with the Statue of the Centre;
  • assessment of facilities, methods and techniques of forensic examinations.